Fun And Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids (Or If You Want To Feel Like A Kid) 

Coco Tang
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There are so many easy Halloween crafts for kids, from old school classics (as in, you probably made them yourself in school) to slimy new favorites. The best Halloween activities and crafts for kids not only keep little hands busy but result in fun decorations for your home and goody bags.  These Halloween craft tutorials on YouTube explain simple Halloween crafts that are fun for kids of any age. Who says homemade Halloween decorations need to be made by kids? Pipe cleaner spiders and ghost lollipops are fun for everyone!

Whether you want to turn your recycling into cute Halloween decorations or want to learn some Halloween slime recipes, this list of YouTube Halloween crafts offers something for every skill level. And several options for turning paper plates into adorable apparitions. There are even Halloween origami videos, for a fancier holiday craft option.

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Halloween Painted Rocks
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These seem almost too simple, but the results are adorable and their very simplicity makes them a great craft for all ages. All it takes are rocks, some paint, and a permanent marker. And, most importantly, a sense of whimsy.

Watch the tutorial by Easy Kids Craft here.

What you need: smooth small rocks, paint, permanent marker, varnish or Modge Podge to finish (optional).

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Milk Jug Ghosts
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Video: YouTube

Turn your recycling into spectral stunners with the help of LED candles. Plus, when the holiday is over these ghostly pals can just go back into the recycling bin for a proper burial.

Watch the tutorial by BunnieClaire here.

What you need: empty and clean milk jugs, scissors, permanent marker, battery operated tea lights.

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Ghost Lollipops
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Cute and delicious, lollipop ghosts might be the easiest Halloween craft there is. All it takes are three simple things to craft a delicious visitor from beyond the veil.

Watch the tutorial by Jessica Louise Ashe here.

What you need: facial tissues, lollipops, yarn, scissors.

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Pipe Cleaner Spider
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The pipe cleaner spider is a Halloween craft classic, using just four pipe cleaners to make a creepy-crawly pal for decorating the house and gift bags or to leave around and scare the unwary.

Watch the tutorial by eHowArtsAndCrafts here.

What you need: pipe cleaners, scissors.

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