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          The And... Scene Collection
          The Best Opening Movie Scenes of All Time 51.7k VOTES The best opening movie scenes of all time are those first sequences of iconic films that set the tone for the magnificence that ... Celebrity Co-Stars Who Refused To Even Act In The Same Scene 2M VIEWS Despite our desire to think that everyone in Hollywood is the best of friends, sometimes that’s just not true. In fact, there ... Deleted Scenes That Would've Changed the Whole Movie 21.1k VOTES Minor spoilers ahead, but honestly, if you haven't seen these classic movies by now, what have you even been doing?! For better ... Actors' Unbelievable Sex Scene Stories 102.5k VOTES Making love is a beautiful thing, but shooting those scenes on film? That can get a little awkward and even celebrity ... The Best Meet-Cutes in Film History 6.6k VOTES Legendary film critic Roger Ebert described the meet-cute quite simply as “when boy meets girl in a cute way.” A meet-cute is a ... 18 Movies With "Happy Endings" That Were Actually Unspeakably ... 106.8k VOTES The ending of a film is meant to tie things up into a neat little package. But when you look at the “life affirming” and “happy” ... The Best Opening TV Scenes Of All Time 10.2k VOTES While some series take time to find their footing, others nail it with fantastic openings. Whether they introduce us to the ... The Best Peeing Scenes in Film 1.9k VOTES Everyone pees. It’s a fact of life that you can’t ignore. Because if you do, you’ll die a painful, salty death. But in the world ... The Most Epic Party Scenes in Film History 4.9k VOTES A party scene in a movie can make or break the whole film. It sets up a tone (or a tone change), it reveals a lot about the ... All of the Times Nicolas Cage Freaked Out on Screen, Ranked 1.5k VOTES No one freaks out on film quite like Nicolas Cage. We've gathered some of our favorite freak out scenes from all the best (and a ... The Greatest First Person Sequences in Film History 698 VOTES There's a reason first person shooter (FPS) games are so popular. They put you right there in the driver's seat for exhilarating ... 15 Movies That Took the Actors in Them by Surprise 29k VIEWS Films cost a lot of money to make. With the possible exception of the comedy, most films tend to stick to the script in order ... 22 Famous Actors Who Were Cut from Famous Movies 213.4k VIEWS It's not unusual for no-name actors to have their scenes cut from major motion pictures; it happens for a variety of reasons: ... 15 Famous Television Scenes You Didn't Know Were 100% Improvised 1.3k VOTES Improvised scenes in TV shows are common, but that doesn't always mean they make it into our collective memory or even the ... The Best Wedding Objection Scenes in Film History 2.3k VOTES It's one of the most dominant wedding movie clichés of weddings: a couple is about to get married, the priest says ... The Best Road Rage Scenes in Movie History 539 VOTES Cinema is filled with road rage scenes. We’ve all been there. Maybe you get cut off, perhaps a car is trailing too close, or ... The Most Memorable Falls in Movie History 544 VOTES What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions the ending of Die Hard? Chances are your mind instantly recalls the ... Toast The New Year With The Top New Year's Eve Movie Scenes 599 VOTES The top New Year's Eve movie scenes include moments from some of the top films of all time and is a fun cinematic look at the ... The Most Emotional Pixar Scenes 10.2k VOTES Pixar has a very special way of pulling at moviegoers' heartstrings. The animated film company has completely redefined cinema ... The Greatest Slow Motion Falls in Movie History 509 VOTES Certain movie tropes are tropes for a reason: they're awesome. Slow motion falls are certainly one of them. Since the days of ...